Welcome to the hub for benefit plans offered to retirees, spouses, survivors and domestic partners of the airline industry. As an airline industry retiree, you pay affordable group rates negotiated by the buying power of the Airline Retiree Benefit Plan. Through this site you can learn about and manage your benefits anytime.

  • The policies have been placed in a Trust, which is managed by retirees, and cannot be cancelled or terminated.
  • The plans have been designed especially with airline retirees in mind, and because they are group policies, the benefits offered are not generally available on the open market.
  • We also offer these plans to airline industry employees under age 65 who are Medicare disabled.
  • All of the insurance companies have been rated in the superior category for financial stability.

If you have any questions, contact the Retiree Service Center toll-free at (844) 413-1989, and they will be happy to assist you.

Join with many of your fellow retirees who currently participate in this plan. Welcome aboard – you are free to move about the site!