Answers about the Vision plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

The vision plan is designed to cover “basic” lenses and eye frames. Additional charges for specialty lenses and lens add-ons or upgrades are not covered, but many are subject to discounts. These extra charges are paid directly to the provider by the member. Items requiring additional charges are listed under the Exclusions section of your certificate.

Progressive power lenses are covered up to the retail value of the provider’s standard trifocal lenses. You pay the provider the difference between the provider’s in-office retail price for standard trifocal lenses and the retail price for the style of progressive lenses you have selected. The difference may also be subject to discounts.

No, it is not necessary for both of you to enroll in the Vision plan. You or your spouse can elect to participate in the plan without the other having to enroll. However, in order to participate in the vision plan you must also enroll in the medical plan.

You can select any frame in the in-network provider’s frame inventory up to $125 without any additional out-of-pocket cost. If you select frames greater than $125, you pay the difference to the provider. The overage is subject to a 20% discount from participating providers.

No, unlike some benefit plans, it is not necessary to pre-select your provider or to give Superior Vision the name of your provider prior to receiving services as long as they are a Superior Vision provider. You need only to select your provider, make your appointment, and identify yourself to the provider as a Superior Vision Plan member.

There are no vouchers or pre-authorization forms to obtain prior to receiving services. Call the Superior Vision customer service department for out-of-network procedures.

There are two options for your convenience. One, select an out-of-network provider and use your out-of-network benefits. Two, nominate a provider in your area to join the Superior Vision Plan Provider Panel. Provider Nomination forms are available on the Superior Vision website at SuperiorVision.com.

Yes, there is a 20% discount that applies to the purchase of lens upgrades to your covered eyeglass lenses. This can include add-on items, such as: Transitions, Polaroid, Polycarbonate, High Index, Coatings, and more.

There are no forms to give to the provider. In-network providers have all required forms and will determine your eligibility at the time of service.